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in home care

In-Home Care

Self Managed Care / Government Financing

You may be eligible for government financial assistance. The WRHA provides client assessments to determine how much care / what type of care is required. 

Want to know if you qualify for government financing? Click Here

Our goal at Executive Nursing is to improve our patient's quality of life and independence, or offering respite to the primary family or caregiver.

Our staff are trained to help with:


  • Medication Reminders

  • Grooming and Hygiene

  • Cooking and Cleaning

  • Transfers and Positioning

  • Social Interaction

  • Help with Errands

  • Assistance with eating

  • Assistance moving around

Palliative Care

We are a family run business, and believe in the importance of family being together. Our hope has always been that, with the ability for a loved one to stay in their home longer, that there is more time for family, more time for love, more time for memories. Life is a journey, and at the end of it, we all wish to be in our home, the place that means something to us, that provides us with a sense of calm, peace, and ease. 

During this difficult time, our nurses can provide peace of mind, comfort, and make it possible for your loved one to stay in the home. 

Wound Care

Our nurses are highly trained in managing wound care, from dressing changes, to charting progress and ensuring there are no serious issues or risks of infection. 

We manage many wound care clients in the city and have a fully stocked inventory of wound care supplies. We can often provide same day service if needed.

In home wound care changes can be preferable to going into the hospital, as patients are more comfortable in the home and the process takes less time as no travel is required.

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