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Employee benefits

Executive Nursing is now offering benefits!


Executive Nursing will now cover 50% of your monthly benefits cost. If you would like to start receiving benefits, please follow the steps below. 


Next Steps:


  1. Sign up for Blue Cross



Scroll to the bottom to review plans. Once you have found the best plan for you


Select “Apply Now”


Choose from the following: 


“I don’t have benefits” 




“I am changing jobs and losing benefits” 


Choose your applicable plan. Once you fill in all necessary details, you will receive a quote from Blue Cross, at which point you can decide to move forward with the application. 

Once you've been approved:

  1. Submit your Receipt to Executive Nursing 


Once you have been approved, please submit your invoice to Executive Nursing (


Afterwards, you will be reimbursed 50% of the monthly cost for each month you work. 


I.e. If you choose a plan that costs $150 a month, you will be reimbursed $75/month for every month that you are actively working for Executive Nursing. Actively working is defined as working a minimum of 25 hours / week. This amount will be prorated (example, if you work 50 hours one week, and zero hours the next week, it will be prorated as 25 hours / week). 



How will reimbursement work? 


The monthly reimbursement will be split onto two paycheques; middle of the month cheque, and the end of the month cheque. 


I.e. If your monthly plan costs $150, you will receive a total reimbursement per month of $75 ($37.50 on each cheque). 


Is there a maximum amount of reimbursement?


Yes, Executive Nursing will reimburse 50% of your benefits cost, up to a maximum reimbursement of $90/month (for a plan that costs $180). You can choose a plan that costs more, but you are responsible to pay the difference.


When do the benefits start?

You will be eligible for benefits reimbursement after 3 months of actively working for Executive Nursing. 

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