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Hospital Relief Staffing

 I cannot thank you enough for your help with staffing over the past months. Your nurses are exceptional and their help was greatly appreciated by all the UC staff and myself. You have been extremely accommodating, even with little notice of needs. In future, if we are ever in need again, I look forward to once again working with you! - D. P. Urgent Care Manager

At Executive Nursing, we understand

that hospitals and health centers may find themselves in need of relief staffing. Whether to assist with exceptionally high volumes of patients, to cover for staff away sick or on maternity leave, or to bridge the gap between staff hires, we have a large compliment of highly trained nurses for this very purpose. 


Our nurses have the capability, skills and flexibility to work effectively in any facility. They are truly exceptional at adapting to new situations, and at providing the best possible care to ensure that your hospital or facility remains running at its best. 

What makes Executive Nurses different? 


- Our nurses are ER trained

- Our nurses all have ACLS

- Our nurses are flexible and adaptable, able to work across departments

- Our nurses can be booked for short or long term assignments (from a day, to several months)

How to book a nurse? 

If you would like to book a nurse for your facility (hospital, health center or PCH) please send a booking request to or call our scheduling department at 204-452-4480. Please indicate any specifics such as whether you need an RN or LPN, which department you need them to work in, and if they need any specific type of certification, experience or training.


One of our staff will respond within 24 hours.

What are the rates? 

To request a rate sheet, please email: 

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